IV Eurasian Anti-Cartel Forum

On October 5th, the Higher School of Economics will host the IV Eurasian Cartel Forum, co-organized by the FAS Russia, the International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre and the Higher School of Economics. The Forum participants will discuss the problems and prospects of combating cartels on national and supranational levels.

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Russia– Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum

On July 28, the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum hosted the session entitled "Combating anticompetitive practices of large transnational corporations, suppressing cross-border cartels and international cooperation" and organized jointly by the FAS Russia and the International BRICS Competition Centre.

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How National Price Indicators Can Help Protect Competitiveness

On June 16, Director of the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre Alexey Ivanov spoke at the FAS Russia session on the topic "How National Price Indicators Can Help Protect Competitiveness", which was held as part of the 26th SPIEF.

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Ex-ante vs ex-post regulation of digital markets

On May 24, a roundtable session on "Ex-Ante vs Ex-Post Regulation of Competition, Collusion in State Procurement, and Digital Transformation" was held as part of the II Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow. The session was moderated by Alexey Ivanov, Director of the International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre.

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Markets Regulation under Global Uncertainty: the BRICS Perspective

On April 12, the XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development at the National Research University Higher School of Economics hosted a session entitled "Markets Regulation under Global Uncertainty: the BRICS Perspective,” organized by the BRICS International Competition Law and Policy Centre.

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Scaling up Climate Action in Eurasia: Carbon Farming and Trading

International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre together with International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), TALAP Center and GFC held an International Inaugural Dialogue "Scaling up climate action in Eurasia: Carbon farming and trading" as part of 2022 World Investor Week in AIFC in Astana.

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Meeting of the BRICS Working Group on Competition in the Food Market

The delegation of the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre took part in the meeting of the BRICS Working Group for Research on Competition Issues in the Food Market. The session also included the launch of the book "Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law," published this year by Cambridge University Press.

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BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre

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19.06.2023 Article
Judicial Protection of the Right For Account in Russia
The article considers a new issue for the court practice of protection of the right to the account (account) of the Internet platform. The author notes a lack of awareness among citizens and organizations of the methods of protecting their rights and the need to increase access of all persons whose rights are violated to the various ways of protecting this right.
Diskin E. I.
Works on Intellectual Property, Volume 45, Issue 2, 2023, P. 17-24
Comparative experience of digital economy governance in BRICS countries

latest publications

31.05.2023 Article
Προς ένα Οικο-λογικό Αντιμονοπωλιακό Δίκαιο (Towards Eco-Logical Antitrust)
The article describes new approaches to the regulation of digital markets. Game theory, network science, and agent-based modelling are three promising approaches to inspire and inform the development of new tools for antitrust. Widely applied in ecology, they provide powerful methodologies to model and analyze natural ecosystems as complex adaptive systems.
Rovenskaya E., Ivanov A.
Athens, Greece: Επιτροπή Ανταγωνισμού, Έκθεση Πεπραγμένων του 2021, pp. 36-40
14.11.2022 Article
DSU Article 11 Violations: A Statistical Exercise
The article presents the results of an exhaustive statistical examination of 83 dispute settlement reports in which the Appellate Body addressed one or more claims under Article 11 of the DSU. The analysis reveals that, perhaps contrary to received opinion, neither the average number of disputes in which one or more Article 11 were made nor the average number of allowed claims demonstrate pronounced growth while the bulk of the increase in the number of claims brought is attributable to a limited number of complex disputes.
Rovnov Y.
Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 25, Issue 3, September 2022, Pages 409–423