Conference on the Issues of the Antimonopoly Law Enforcement

On June 20, Alexey Ivanov, Director of the BRICS Competition Centre, spoke at the VII Scientific and Practical Conference on the Issues Related to the Antimonopoly Law Enforcement which was held in Kaluga (Russia).

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Regulation of Marketplaces: A Necessity or a Stimulus for Development?

On June 7, the session themed “Regulation of Marketplaces: A Necessity or a New Stimulus for Development?" was held within the framework of the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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Competition Law and Policy Approaches Towards Digital Platforms

On June 3, Alexey Ivanov, Director of the BRICS Competition Centre, spoke at the UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Webinar on Competition law and policy approaches towards digital platforms and ecosystems, organized in cooperation with the BRICS Centre and the Brazilian antitrust agency CADE.

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What is the Demand for Competition Policy Today?

On April 17, the BRICS Competition Centre together with the Joint Department with the FAS, Faculty of Law, HSE University, held a roundtable entitled "What is the Demand for Competition Policy Today?" The experts discussed how to rethink the role of antimonopoly regulation in conditions of constant turbulence and where its limits lie.

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Digital Ecosystems and Competition Law: Ecological Approach

On December 5, in the framework of UNCTAD's eWeek 2023, the BRICS Competition Centre held a session themed "Digital Ecosystems and Competition Law: Ecological Approach". The event took place offline in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Carbon Farming in Kazakhstan: Unlocking the Opportunity

On October 31, the Roundtable entitled "Carbon Farming in Kazakhstan: Unlocking the Opportunity" was held in Astana (Kazakhstan). The event was co-organized by the IIASA Institute, the BRICS Competition Centre, the HSE Centre for Technology Transfer and the TALAP Center for Applied Research.

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Russia– Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum

On July 28, the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum hosted the session entitled "Combating anticompetitive practices of large transnational corporations, suppressing cross-border cartels and international cooperation" and organized jointly by the FAS Russia and the International BRICS Competition Centre.

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Markets Regulation under Global Uncertainty: the BRICS Perspective

On April 12, the XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development at the National Research University Higher School of Economics hosted a session entitled "Markets Regulation under Global Uncertainty: the BRICS Perspective,” organized by the BRICS International Competition Law and Policy Centre.

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BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre

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28.03.2024 Report
Carbon Farming in Kazakhstan: Unlocking the Opportunity
The report discusses how carbon farming and trading can provide a marked contribution to Kazakhstan’s socio-economic development while making it more resilient to climate change and supporting the country’s commitment to combat environmental degradation and climate change. It explores viable options for leveraging the potential of sustainable land management (SLM) to support Kazakhstan’s net-zero transition and land restoration.
Obersteiner M., Ivanov A., Rovenskaya E.
New Challenges and Modern Solutions in Antimonopoly Regulation
14:30–16:00 (UTC +3)

latest publications

25.01.2024 Article
Approaches to Antitrust Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activities of Digital Platform Owners
The article provides a comprehensive analysis of legal framework of antitrust regulators in some jurisdictions during investigations against transaction digital platform owner called Amazon based on abuse of a dominant position on the relevant commodity markets, as well as the conclusion of anticompetitive agreements.
Maslov A.
Russian Competition Law and Economy, 2023 (№4) P.32-43
19.06.2023 Article
Judicial Protection of the Right For Account in Russia
The article considers a new issue for the court practice of protection of the right to the account (account) of the Internet platform. The author notes a lack of awareness among citizens and organizations of the methods of protecting their rights and the need to increase access of all persons whose rights are violated to the various ways of protecting this right.
Diskin E. I.
Works on Intellectual Property, Volume 45, Issue 2, 2023, P. 17-24