Chief of Staff of the Government of Russia, Held a Meeting with the Head of FAS

Chief of Staff of the Government of Russia, Held a Meeting with the Head of FAS
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The event discussed, among other things, the service's tasks for the medium term.

Dmitry Grigorenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Chief of Staff of the Government of the Russian Federation, held a meeting with the leadership of the FAS of Russia. During the event, the results of the agency's work were summarized, and the goals and objectives of the service for the medium term were outlined.

Deputy Prime Minister noted that one of the most important tasks of the agency is the protection of competition, which ensures the effective development of the economy.

During the meeting Dmitry Grigorenko also outlined a number of key areas that are facing the antimonopoly service. In particular, it is the optimization of the procedure of sectoral tenders for the sale of state property and state resources, guaranteeing stability on commodity markets and ensuring the sustainability of the public procurement system. Dmitry Grigorenko emphasized that the public procurement system should develop towards simplification and acceleration.

"The Service is facing new global challenges. One of them is the digitalization of the economy. It required prompt adaptation of the existing regulation to the new realities. But changes are happening all the time. In order to respond quickly to them, the agency must continue further digitization of work processes. This will make it possible to continuously improve antimonopoly policy, and in the future - to transfer control into an automated mode," 

said Dmitry Grigorenko.

At the same time, the creation of a national system of price market indicators was identified among the key areas of work. Such a system is necessary to form the real price of goods sold in the domestic market.

Within the framework of the meeting the Head of FAS Maxim Shaskolsky told about the key results of the department's work for the past year and presented the information systems developed and used by the service.

"The implementation of the AIS Anticartel will make it possible to ensure significant budget savings due to the decartelization of state and municipal procurement and the creation of competitive conditions for bidders," 

Shaskolsky said.

The head of the agency drew attention to the need to improve the efficiency of antitrust regulation, including by excluding antitrust immunities from the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition".

In addition, the service provides methodological support for reform and antitrust control in the field of unitary enterprises. Thus, in 2019-2023, the number of unitary enterprises decreased by 42%.

Source: FAS

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