Lecture on "The Iranian Economy under Sanctions: The Role of Antitrust Policy"

29.03.2023 3509

The development of competition and the removal of barriers to business activity can eliminate many of the consequences of sanctions. Professor Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani, Chairman of the National Competition Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, shared Iran's experience in this field. He delivered a lecture at the National Research University Higher School of Economics entitled "The Iranian Economy under Sanctions: The Role of Antitrust Policy." The lecture was organized as part of the seminar of the International  BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre. This was the first time an Iranian statesman of such level visited a Russian university. The interest in his open lecture was extremely high: in addition to employees and students of the Higher School of Economics, the lecture was attended by representatives of business and business and social associations.


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