FAS of Russia: E-commerce Market Needs Balanced Regulation

FAS of Russia: E-commerce Market Needs Balanced Regulation
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This was announced by Maxim Shaskolsky, Head of the FAS of Russia, at the session “Regulation of Marketplaces: a necessity or a new stimulus for development” at the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

At the beginning of 2022, the largest digital companies in Russia, including the largest marketplaces, joined the Principles of Fair Behavior for Digital Marketplaces developed by the Expert Council of the FAS of Russia in the field of information technology. This soft law tool has made it possible in some cases to correct some negative practices, such as lifetime blocking in cabs, fines for sellers' refusal to participate in marketplace promotions, and mandatory foreign sales.

In addition, the Fifth Antimonopoly Package came into force in 2023, which allowed the FAS of Russia to take measures to respond to the actions of marketplaces.

However, as Maxim Shaskolsky noted, control and supervisory measures are not enough to form a system of civil legal relations in the marketplace market. 

FAS of Russia notes a large number of complaints about the actions of marketplaces. According to the agency, this is due to the lack of special regulation. Therefore, the service considers it advisable to establish the rights and obligations of participants in electronic commerce at the regulatory level. 

In conclusion, the Head of the FAS of Russia emphasized that the availability of domestic marketplaces is an advantage for the development of SMEs and for citizens. Therefore, the regulation of this industry should be balanced and balanced, taking into account the interests of all market participants and consumers.

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